Wehrmacht offensive to Leningrad. Line of defense on Luga-river. Forcing the river Luga in Volosovsky district

   Война. Прорыв противником Лужского рубежа

   June 22, 1941 the war with Nazi Germany began.
    For 19 days, German troops pass almost 1000 km and stop in front of the Luga River July 10. A defense line has been created here. Forcing the river near the village of Luga Germans fails because of the fierce battle.
After the losses, the Germans are looking for another possibilities of crossing the river.

The nearest bridges are Bolshoi Sabsk and Ivanovskoye. 41st mechanized corps of the German army is heading there.






 July 16 forced river in Bolshoi Sabsk area, despite of the bridge was blown up by the Red Army at the last moment. And create a military base on the right bank of the Luga-river, after battle with the cadets of the infantry military school.

Cadets of the Leningrad Infantry School Kirov's named 


Same day, the groop of commando-saboteur captures a bridge in the Ivanovskoe-village area. This was a special commando unit "Brandeburg-800".

German saboteurs of the "Brandendurg 800" regiment in the Red Army uniform. Everyone speaks Russian pure.

Commander of the saboteurs-groop Adrian fon Fulkerzam. 
He was the great-grandson of the Russian general, the grandson of the Russian admiral, the son of a Russian art historian.
And he was born in 1914 in St. Petersburg



  At both crossings, the Germans create fortified bridgeheads on the right bank of the Luga River. And, temporarily, stop for regrouping. After 16 days, on August 8, they launch an offensive on Leningrad (St. Petersburg), heading towards Gatchina.
There are no regular military units of the Red Army, they are resisted by cadets of military schools and units of the national militia.
On August 16, German troops occupy Volosovo and move further to Gatchina in tank columns.

Немецкие мотоциклисты на перекрестке Волосово-Губаницы-Гатчина

On August 20, 1941, in the Voiskovitsy area, a tank company (four KV-1 tanks) under the command of Senior Lieutenant Kolobanov fights and burns 43 German tanks.

Зиновий Григорьевич Колобанов

Senior Lieutenant Kolobanov

Танк КВ-1. Лужский рубеж. Прорыв

 KV-1 tank after the battle


September 8, 1941 German troops block the city of Leningrad.