The tragedy of the Wrangel family. Torosovo

Герб баронов Врангель. Сломишь, но не согнешь. Frangas, non flectes. Vrangel


In Torosovo, the Volosovo district, the ruins of a very beautiful once knight's castle are still being destroyed.

The last lawful owners are representatives one of the branches numerous noble family of Wrangel.

Roots of the Wrangel family are Danish, but most of them served Russia since the time of the Russian queen Elizabeth (1709-1762).

Among the representatives: 18 generals, 2 admirals, ministers, senators, professors, governors.

It so happened, the "twig" of the European clan Wrangel, who was in Russia left the most significant trace in world history.

In the name of Vice-Admiral Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel named island in the Arctic Ocean, mountains, volcano, bay.

Lieutenant-General Peter Wrangel, one of the leaders of White Movement, Commander-in-Chief of Russian Army in the Crimea, is the cousin of the last owner of  estate - Georg  Wrangel. 

 The father of General Wrangel, Nikolay, lived a life that he described in his book "Memoirs: From Serfdom to the Bolsheviks". I do not know the best history textbook of that era.

And his father, Georgy Ermolaevich Wrangel, Colonel of the Imperial Guards, participant in the war with Turkey, wounded and decorated, familiar with Emperor Nicholas I personally, lay here. While our contemporaries gutted his grave.

The motto on the baron's coat of arms is "You break it, but you will not bend it."

A red and white beautiful castle was erected in the middle of the 19th century for the family of Lieutenant-Governor Mikhail Georgievich Wrangel: a garden and park ensemble, farmyards, stables, barns, cattle yards built of large cobblestones. The estate was considered one of the palace pearls of the manor necklace of St. Petersburg.


Замок баронов Врангель. Vrangel Баронский замок семьи Врангель. Vrangel
Красавец замок баронов Врангель. Vrangel Развалены замка Врангелей. Vrangels

Georgy Mikhailovich Wrangel, son of Mikhail Georgievich, the last owner of the estate. He was a relative of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin along the lines of the common ancestor of Abram Hannibal. After graduation the Imperial Alexander Lyceum hi was state employee. After the revolution, the family lived in their own home with young children. They were people carrying good.

Семья владельцев Торосово Волосовского района. Врангель

Baroness Maria Lvovna (nee Golitsyna) and
Baron Georgy Mikhailovich Wrangel. 1910s

The family of Wrangel, who lived in Torosovo, was brutally murdered during the criminal terror after the Bolshevik coup. This was written in detail by Nikolay Yegorovitch Wrangel in his book.



Георгий Егорович Врангель

Nikolay Yegorovitch Wrangel. The father of the general and the uncle of the last owner of the castle Torosovo.


 Remained only, miraculously survived the baby, MichaelRemained only, miraculously survived the baby, Michael

Борис Михайлович Врангель Vrangel

 Michael with his famous relative Ferdinand Wrangel